The Best Looking Dog In The Neighborhood

It just so happens that this fine looking dog’s mistress also happens to be turning heads. And how? And why? This young lady takes it upon herself to send her dear pet for its regular pampering sessions down at the dog grooming los angeles ca parlor. Well, not so regular anymore because the pampering bills do tend to mount, not forgetting that whilst Fiffy is having her nails clipped, her madam is having her nails buffed and polished, hand nails and toenails, because she is also gearing herself up for a pleasure walk, just the two of them, the dog and her girl, along the beach boulevard, just beyond Venice.

The same parlor where the lady sends her dog occasionally is also a stockist of all essential grooming instruments, toiletries and clothing for the express purpose of grooming the dog at home. Most folks still seem to avoid this chore because they seem to think that it is laborious and not easy to do. But if they cared enough for their animals they would have taken it upon themselves to do exactly as this fine animal-loving lady did. She took advantage of grooming courses made available to her. There may be no such grooming parlor in your immediate vicinity but that is quite alright because you still have the internet.

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Have a quick peek at the easy to read guides on how to groom your own dog at home. But one of the best tasks you will be doing is that of brushing the dog’s hair. You purchase a special brush specially for this special bonding exercise. If you’re a girl, you could relate. Girls love having their hair brushed, don’t they? And dogs love it even more.