When Your Dog Can’t Sit Still

He can be the best pet in the world as far as you are concerned, but even so, he still can’t seem to sit still, hardly ever. He really cannot help it. He’s just a very lovable dog and no matter what time of the day it is, it can be good, it can be bad, he is just so excited to see you. So, you try to sit still when you are this excited. You try and sleep when you are excited about something. Not easy to do is it? So, try and place yourself in this little feller’s paws. But apparently, and this the dog knows well, try as he may, you’re still the master.

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And right about now, all you want is for the little critter to sit still, amongst other things. Not to worry, because there’s something you can do about this right now. Only to think, this is something that’s going to make your best pal chuckle to himself. And he’ll be so pleased anyhow. The thing about dog obedience training penn valley ca is that you’ve got to be there too. The dog instructor may well be a canine magician but it’s not going to make much of a difference by the time you get your boy home later in the day after school.

Because by the time you and the pal are in the living room – geez, you allow him in the living room? – and you ‘command’ him to sit, and then sit still, he’s going to be puzzled, and he’ll be asking the question; you talking to me? And if you persist, he might even growl at you if he’s a strange kinda breed. No, for dog obedience training to be a success, you’ll have to be a student too.