Dog Illness Symptoms You Can’t Ignore

When your dog is ill, it’s important to closely monitor him and take immediate action if your pet’s symptoms turn into an emergency. Many signs suggest that it’s time to take your dog to an Emergency veterinarian Palm Harbor FL including the signs below. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you pick up the phone to get emergency veterinarian care when it’s needed!

1- Loss of Consciousness

A change in consciousness may result in your dog staggering, passing out, or enduring a lack of responsiveness. If this occurs, it’s a sign of a serious problem that needs immediate medical care.

2- Seizures

If the dog’s body shakes or he has tremors for a few seconds, followed by a period of responsiveness, he’s likely experienced a seizure. It’s important to seek medical attention for the pet if he suffers from a seizure.

3- Trouble Breathing

If your dog is unable to breathe, it’s a medical emergency. Take him to the emergency vet hospital as soon as possible. If your dog is gasping for air or his breathing sounds labored or he has noisy respiration, it’s’ time to seek medical attention.

4- Bleeding

If your pet starts bleeding from any area of their body, it’s important to apply pressure to the wound using a fabric. If the wound is large or doesn’t stop bleeding immediately, get care for your pet from the vet as soon as possible.

5- Accident

If your dog is hit by an automobile or injured in another type of accident, eats poisoned food, or endures other similar types of accidents, it’s critical that you get him to the hospital for care at once.

Emergency veterinarian Palm Harbor FL

You know your pet better than anyone else. When in doubt, call the vet and pet your worries at ease. The signs above are among the many that indicate it’s time to make a visit to the doctor.