Facts About Armadillos

An armadillo is an animal that has a hard shell that protects it from danger. It’s also a common wildlife that harbors many family members as it makes its home on their property. If you’re among those families, the important armadillo information below is designed to help you. Pt this information to good use if it is needed and protect your pets, home, lawn, garden, etc. from this animal!

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·    Armadillos have an average lifetime of 7 0 19 years

·    Nine different types of armadillos exist in the United States

·    The average size for an armadillo is 25″ – 48″ Long

·    Armadillos weight between 8- 18 lbs.

·    The armadillo originated in South America

·    Armadillos are more common in some areas of Dallas than others

·    This animal is seen year-round. It forages at night.

·    An armadillo usually breeds three times per year, four babies per breeding season

The Armadillo Danger

Is an armadillo a dangerous animal? It does have sharp claws and teeth but usually isn’t a threat. Most people learn that an armadillo is more of a nuisance than a harm, but if there are does in the home, this animal may very well cause more headaches than imaginable. The animal digs holes in the lawn which can be up to 15-foot in depth. They’re insect-eaters but may cause messes around the property digging into bags, boxes, etc.

Need Help With Armadillos?

If an armadillo has found its way onto your property, calling on an armadillo removal dallas professional is the solution. Professionals have the tools and expertise to safely, humanely, and quickly remove armadillos from small and large spaces alike. One this service is scheduled, you alleviate all the worries that this animal brings to the property. They make armadillo removal much easier than you’d find it to be attempting a DIY project.